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I Am A Holy Vessel

Re-blog from last July! God bless you FIC!!

Kisses from The King

imageAlright brothers and sisters in Christ, I am going to speak to a touchy subject here, but God has brought it to the surface of my life through our small group study of the book of Daniel,… that is the subject of cherished sin. Have you ever found yourself giggling about a sin of the past, something you did before you knew Christ? Or even found yourself boasting about it? Can we acknowledge that even today, years after being sealed by the Holy Spirit as a holy vessel to be used for God’s purposes, we are justifying a behavior that grieves our Lord? We just don’t want to let it go and call it what it is. And it is hampering our walk with The Lord, interrupting our communication with Him and slandering His Holy Name. You know the expression, “It’s all good,” well, It’s all bad.

Do you understand…

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The Blessing of Trials

Summer Re-blog from last year… God bless you!!

Kisses from The King

imageToday I am thinking about our trials in life and how God can bring amazing blessings to us through them. In fact, for children of God in Christ Jesus, He promises to bless us and glorify Himself through every single one of them (Rom 8:28). No, not even ONE of our trials is in vain when we trust in Him! Knowing God’s promise to us, is there any other way to respond to our trials than with gratitude?….. even Joy? {James 1:2-4}. Yes it sounds crazy, but if we truly trust in God, then we trust that whatever struggle is coming our way is for a Good reason which we may not know, and God will do something amazing with it in our lives and for His Kingdom purpose!

Our adult Bible study is in the middle of Beth Moore’s Daniel and it is amazing. We just left the fiery…

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