The Choice Is Yours

imageI was thinking in my quiet time this morning, that the Soul is not the Choice. The Soul has been accounted for by God- each and every one- the blood ransom paid by Christ. God would desire that every soul CHOOSE Him! The Choice, however, is ours- given as a gift of free will by God Himself.

Observing the big picture, the Choice to sin (do wrong in God’s eyes) is not really what separates us from God- for God has reconciled us to Himself through the blood of His Son Jesus Christ…He has done the work of paving the Way to heaven by His Own Hands, by His Own Mercy, by His Own Love.

>What really separates us from God is not acknowledging this Truth.

Denying that He is Who He claims to be and that He has gone to the most unimaginable length to save us. To be handed the gift of Eternal Life by God Himself, and hand it back unopened, is to separate oneself from God forever. And yes, you will go on sinning without concern-you are human.

To accept God’s Gift of Eternal Life, however- to open that package and receive it- is to accept fellowship with God forever! You will not intentionally go on sinning, for God indwells you now!- you are human and will fall, but it will concern you when you do and you will run back to Him trusting in His Mercy and Guidance as your Father! You have accepted His Gift of Salvation- repentance is a staple of your life. You are becoming more and more like Him as time goes on- being molded into the image of His Son! What a beautiful thought!

Acknowledging I am a sinner in desperate need of God’s Saving Grace is the key…the key to humility, the key to submission before Him, the key to wisdom and everlasting life! The work has been done for me! The Path cleared by God! All praise and thanks to Christ the King! All glory, honor and praise belong to Him, now and forever!!!



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