Sleepless Night

imageIt was one of those nights I woke up in wee hours wondering what on earth I could do about a problem that seemed unfixable. Yes, I tossed and turned for who knows how long contemplating the many facets of the issue and what I needed to do about each (is that even mentally possible at 3 a.m.?). ..okay can anyone relate? …women more likely, as men sleep like logs don’t they? :))

Anyway, I finally prayed, “God put me to sleep!,.. No not eternal!” Which you see He respected haha. So I awaken a few hours later, now asking The Lord what to do… (Hmm maybe should have asked Him in the first place? Instead I opted for asking all-knowing, blanket-twisting almighty Nan! ugh why I do this to myself!) So My wonderful Father in heaven this morning whispers this brilliant idea into my ear…”Leave it to ME!” Really, Lord, but can I trust You with it? (Did I really just say that?). “Yes you can!,” He replies.  “In fact, the more you let go and really trust in Me, the better chance you will experience peace and get more sleep too! How about that?!”  Well, I guess that sounds good, Lord!  Yep, that sounds really good.



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