Cleansing Blood

imageSitting on the porch watching the rain falling down made me think of how God determinedly washes our sins away. Like a child who has fallen down in the mud, our Father gently takes our hand, props us up, and washes every bit of dirt off of us…. There you go!, like brand new!! ….but not without a Price. It took the torturesome death of His Only Son- precious to God’s heart- to accomplish this goal. Unlike mud, sin requires a bath of blood to be washed away. Not just any blood- the Blood of a Perfect One. Only the sinless blood of Jesus could meet God’s requirements to save you. Hear This! – For the JOY set before Him, Jesus Christ endured the cross …You ask, “What joy?”……that joy is YOU!!! YOU are God’s joy! You who believe on the Name of Christ Jesus, God’s One and Only Son, that He gave His life for you! Can you fathom a greater Love than this? Know that YOU are infinitely loved by God! {Rom 8:38-39}.





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6 thoughts on “Cleansing Blood

  1. Your post makes me think of Todd Agnews great song, “Grace like Rain”. I listened to and worshipped the Lord one night for what seemed like hours just basking in his grace and love through this song.


    • Goodness, Scarlett, I had never heard that song before and just listened on YouTube and am in tears. Thank you for the joy of praising Him in His Grace once again this morning!


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